The Constant Quest to Better Ourselfs

Our founder and everyone involved is a true enthusiast. in the sense that computers are more then just a way top pay the bills, but also a hobby and real interest in life. Weather for playing stunning new video games or setting up the new home internet gadgets computers are for work and play, but always need to be used responsibly.

Our founder is constantly keeping up with computer news so that new virus threats and technology can be incorporated into our work. There is something truly priceless about being on the same page as the tech geeks who are constantly outsmarting everyone with new configurations and viruses. Business is business but to some people computers are more then just business and we try top stay ahead of the curve as much as possible

To often in the modern tech space there are “professionals” who are selling clients antiquated ways of doing things because them themselves simply do not want to learn the newer best practices. or have a mental block against them.

We love the pain! we understand you the client do not, but behind the scenes we are testing the newest stuff always.

Our founder has been running beta android software as his daily phone OS since he was 15. Downloading nightly builds on school wifi, yeah there is always a chance the phone would brick or the one time in math class the phone started overheating because it was stuck in a boot loop. That was kind of funny.

Computers are funny, but we will always wrangle them together for you and be quick to answer any questions or conserns.

Have a nice day!

Meadowlarkmarsh LLC.