This Page is Mostly For SEO, However is relevant to all

Web Services:


Search Engine optimization. It is buy once cry once digital marketing. It is a lot simpler then some companies lead you to believe. We simply follow the SEO rules. Choosing a local company for SEO is important because we know the local layout and how to best design SEO for it.

Web Design

Web design, web development. You just call it a website. We work to get your goals solved. Using custom code and WordPress. Or all custom. or all WordPress. Whatever is going to get the job done for you!

Pay Per Click ad design and setup

Pay per click (PPC) is the latest and greatest thing. Actually its almost 20 years old at this point. However it is very good at getting your website clicks. You need someone with certifications and experience to get the most out of pay per click (PPC).

@yourdomain Email Setup and health check

Email’s going to spam? Not to worry. We do audits and fix issues that are plaguing your email services. These things need to be fixed. Out of the box your email server dose nothing to ensure good coverage and reliability

Website Audits

Free website audits! We scrape threw everything and find bugs, poor practices and technologies used. Then provide a writeup where we go over the good, bad and ugly of your website.

SEO audits

SEO, search engine optimization is a constantly changing area. However there are ground rules that we need to make sure have been followed. Also look for potential easy new routes to help you score more credibility and clicks using SEO.

Graphic design

Graphic’s the heart and soul of a website. Graphic design is key to showing your visitors that you are on the ball and someone they want to do business with. We have 3 wonderful designers to solve your graphic design problems.

Logo Design

Like graphic design. Logo design is key to your business image. We design logos to look good but also be a valuable asset you can take with you on business cards, emails, and of course your website.

Email Marketing

Marketing, marketing, marketing. You should be compiling an email list. The research shows that even if people do not open you emails, it keeps your brand in their head so that in the future they will remember you. We set-up and maintain email marketing services.

Digital Marketing

General digital marketing or online presence. This is key in the modern world. When people want something they go to google. Or Facebook or some online directory. We make sure that your digital marketing strategies are doing you well and staying affordable. Social media is often key in this.

Business Internet Services:

Security Camera’s

Security camera’s. Please do not buy a cloud based system and think you are saving money and being secure. These systems seem cheap but they actually are more expensive then classical solutions. Security Camera’s connected to the cloud are also not secure.

Smart Home Equipment

Smart Homes. The homes of the future. Except all a smart home system is are a bunch of TCP/IP devices on your LAN. These need to be secure. It is always recommended that for your smart home that you call in the pro’s.

Business networks and WIFI

Business networks and WIFI are essential to your day to day operations and customer experience. We take this very seriously. Designing business networks and WIFI systems that work with your workflows and budget.

Business internet security

The heart of every business network needs to be security. We do free audits and implement solutions to keep you running. How many times in the past year have your heard “Apple is being ransomwared” This is the modem land scape. Some guy in Russia is asking you to pay 1 million dollars to get your files back. Don’t let poor business internet security get you hung up.