Oh Bother, Work Costs $$$

meadowlark marsh llc

Our rates:


$60 Per hour after initial Installation

E-commerce: $250 Upfront, $15 Per Month Maintenance

Portfolios: $150 Upfront, $10 Per Month Maintenance

Blogs: $200 Upfront, $10 Per Month Maintenance

Business Internet management:

$75 Per hour after initial Installation

Small office: $300 (2-5 people)

Medium office: $500 (5-10 people)

Large office: $??? (10+ people)

Public WiFi accuses: $200+ depending on client scale

Network Accuses Storage: $200+ depending on capacity requirements

*Note fees do not include equipment cost. Chances are you already have some equipment on-site.

Logo/ Content Creation:

Logo: $175, We give you all digital assets we create

Website Content (with website services): $25 per asset

Website Content (no website service): $50 per asset

Product Image correction: $50 per 10 photos


Added to website service: $100

Added to another company’s website: $200

Security Camera systems:

Per camera: $50

*note with cameras there is always large equipment cost involved, we require onsite walk-thru before setting numbers

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