Network Access Storage

Public WiFi

large scale professional computer networking

Commercial grade networks

Your Computers are Priceless

You need commercial grade solutions to ensure that your computers can run all day, securely and effectively

Network access storage has been around for 20+ years. It is critical to the efficiency of your business, from insurance offices to bakeries, every business can streamline operations by implementing a NAS


  • Share files seamlessly.
  • Collaborate on files from anywhere in the world.
  • Lower cost of expensive workstation computers.
  • Streamline maintenance costs and lower downtime.
  • Increase storage capacity as needed.

WiFi… It is critical for your employees and customers that WiFi is Fast, Secure, and Reliable

What we can implement:

  • Secure, segregated customer and employee WiFi.
  • Seamless coverage throughout your space.
  • Fast and reliable, low maintenance systems.
  • Remote management, to save you money by not requiring an on-site technician.
  • Commercial grade, industry standard, systems that can be maintained by existing IT staff.
large scale professional computer networking

Data is the circulatory system of your computers

What we can do:

  • Fast, reliable systems to fit your team and their data needs.
  • We keep the future in mind to lower costs of expansion.
  • Cisco certified technicians can run wires and inspect existing systems.
  • Audit your current use-case and provide non “over the top” solutions.
  • Remote maintenance to not require an on-site tech, saving you money and time.