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Some Websites We Have Done:

Web Design and SEO is our bread and butter. To date, we have helped dozens of business with their websites.

Some common tasks we help with:

  • SEO Audits
  • Website Speed
  • Web Hosting Migration
  • Website Email Problems
  • Refreshing Websites W/0 a Total Redo
  • Website Style Tweaks
  • Recreating Website on New Platform (IE: Wix -> WordPress)
  • Website and Web Server Security Systems

Computer/ Networking We Provide:

Network Systems

Internet systems and their reliability are vital for day to day operations. Computers in 2023 are useless without an internet connection.

We provide Wi-Fi and Ethernet systems. To make sure your packets get where they need to go!
large scale professional computer networking
server computer


With a Network Access Storage appliance, your employees will be in the fast lane with their day-to-day operations. No being tied down to the ISP link speeds. 

A NAS allows superfast collaboration and durable storage. Necessary for any business with a media rich workflow.

Public WiFi

Not as simple as it seems.

There is a lot involved in making sure that the random passerby cannot nuke your entire network. Or use it for nefarious purposes. 
public wifi

Ask About Low Voltage Cabling (Ethernet)

We LOVE quirky small businesses

Small Business is our business. We believe in you and will work to make your dreams a reality. That is our promise. 

Close to Home in Doylestown PA.

An Hour North of Philadelphia 

What Our Friends Say

Rudy Guillen - Jarming Collections

We had Meadowlark Marsh design and build a website for our business. We could not have asked for a more professional, knowledgeable and hard-working company. We are extremely thankful we found them. Highly recommend them.

Irma Jennings - Food For Healthy Bones

My initial audit with Peter confirmed he knew what he was doing. His skill set matched and exceeded my needs. As a small biz owner, confirming a good match is key on many levels, especially financially. He didn't try to upsell me more of her services. I was extremely happy with his work and will return for more of his services. Irma Jennings, Founder Food For Healthy Bones.

Katy Walterscheidt - Jewish Family Services, San Antonio

Peter was a dream to work with. He made the entire process very easy and answered any questions I had. He got tasks done extremely fast - so fast that he was usually waiting on me to respond with changes or answering questions. One of the things that impressed me the most was that he took the initiative to start building the website based on content I had from a smaller scale webpage. It showed me that he clearly has the ability to problem solve and figure things out on his own. I appreciate his insight and the work he put into building our website for us. I would highly recommend using Peter for a website project.

Richard Reimel - She's a Knockout Boutique & Photo

Peter will get your job done. He is extremely dedicated to making sure that everything is up to your standards. Very professional. Almost inhumanly understanding and willing to go back and forth until everything is right.

Donald Gibson - High Cee Aerotech

When my WEB designer bailed half way through a complex, multi-site project, I reached out for someone to guide and mentor me through the process of building a complete WEB site.

Peter's professional and helpful approach, with clear explanations and thinking outside the box has moved the project forward quickly with a much-improved customer WEB experience. Now the site looks great, performs remarkably well and is easy to maintain.

Peter Quigley - Renvle Assoc.

Peter fixed a tricky crash problem and I decided to have him update some hardware on this 5 year old computer. Happy with work and service.

Kirsten Puskar - Ambler Nutrition

Working with Peter Roe is a joy! He is transparent how websites work, hosting, making changes and finding different ways to drive eyeballs to my site. He taught me how the systems work, but did the work for me, quickly and at a great price. He is a true asset to my business team.

Jessica Jankech - Out of Sight Teaching LLC.

We can't thank Peter enough for working with us. He went above and beyond to create our website. He was a team player, was open to our ideas and happily made the abundant number of changes we wanted.

Peter took pride in his work and really wanted to make my website special. It is evident that he loves what he does.

Thanks again Peter!

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